Drop your books and your rules, I’ve got a gun!
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Because it’s a trendy thing nowadays, social media and community management comes to the world as the next big thing. I dare say it’s becoming one of those hipster things.

Well, giving away my precious insights on the big jigaboo which is being a rookie community manager, I thought about sharing my three precious golden rules on the subject which may come as cliché. But you’ll never know until you read it.

Before that, do not think your background on journalism, marketing or social media is going to give you a hell of a leverage. It doesn’t work that way. Sometimes your curriculum is just a status achievement that you wish to support yourself on, but truthfully it’s just a façade which you must discard now and always.

Rule number one: humbleness. It’s something you should assimilate for your own life while it’s equally important for everyone who’s getting acquainted to his company’s routine. Watch and learn. Don’t think you’re a big shot, play humble, make mistakes and evolve. Constantly. Saying good morning to your fellow coworkers is as much as important as recognizing your weaknesses and learning from them.

Rule number two: humbleness does not mean playing dumb. Play with your strong points and you will discover that your social prowess is equally valuable on your social media strategy front. Give time to yourself and others. Jim Morrison said it well: “people are strange when you’re a stranger”. You do not arrive on some random office as king of the castle. People are people just as kids will be kids. You got to give yourself time to adapt, time to feel at home. Sometimes those people will weird you out, sometimes you’re going to get spooked by their knowledge. But hey, just lay back, work hard and leave the rocket science to others. Rocket scientists depend on the guy that molds iron and plugs in the screws, if you know what I mean. Read a lot, stay informed and watch yourself grow stronger (just like a baby which is trying on his own to stand up and give a little step or two). Perfect your self-criticism skills and hit on that dull rock until it breaks.

Rule number three: you’re a community manager so that means you’re managing a community. It seems stupid at first but you better get yourself a dictionary and spell out the words right. You’re talking to people, giving them information, solving their problems, talking face to face (but always separated by the coldness of a computer screen). It shouldn’t be that way. Imagine yourself taking a cup of coffee with your community. Play cool, play smart, rely on wits and sympathy. Don’t succumb to the temptation of patronizing your community. They are equally or more intelligent than you are. And if you prove yourself wrong while playing high and mighty, you’re going to get one hell of a backlash and it’s going to hurt.

Rule number four: don’t ever rely on some textbook rules’ bible. Cause if you do, someday you’ll step upon the wrong one and mess it all up. I hope this one is not the case. Common sense for some, savvy guidance for others.

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