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The best thing about working with social media is how you can use it to help and improve your own life. I recently thanked social media gods for all the help with motherhood issues. Being a mum is a wonderful thing and has new challenges every day. Some are harder than others and most of the time you want to scream for help… WHAT SHOULD I DO?

Being alone and far from your family makes you look for help in other places. If someone asks what helped me the most in this new challenge here’s my answer: MY SMARTPHONE!

Apps, forums, and communities with mums all over the world sharing experiences, tips, recommendations and knowledge. I strongly recommend Baby Center tips, recommendations and an excellent community that answered to all my questions.  «My Baby and Me» app allowed me to never lost count of diapers, food and sleep times. Facebook and Twitter were the best way to have some twisted kind of social life and discover what was happening in the world.

I honestly can’t imagine how mums could have a life without a smartphone on their hands or pockets. Even looking for a stroller I counted on the community and I couldn’t be happier with my choice, recommended by 853.894 mums.

For the first time I really felt how it is to be on the other side of a Facebook fans community. I felt I belonged to a Facebook community because it is an example of a nice social media strategy.

The Super Mum was found here.

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