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Have you ever had this feeling that the further you are from your colleagues and the closer you are to friends or relatives that don’t know anyone who works with social media but you, the more you realize they don’t use social media NOT EVEN AN INCH as you do?

Well, they sure have a Facebook account but maybe they don’t log in 342 times a day as you do. And they might have heard on the evening news about that one time when a celebrity showed her boobs on Twitter. But they never stepped foot on the website.

What about that face they do when you say: “Are you really asking me why am I checking in at this place? I am the f****** mayor of 5 bakeries in this neighborhood and I have a f****** queen of the croissant badge that can prove it to you, girl!”

So, as much as things are rapidly changing – and oh boy, they are – this is still true. When I saw this infographic on Pinterest (wtf is Pinterest?) I knew I was right!

Time to lay down and chill a bit, then? WRONG. Join the hipper side! The big deal is that you have to make sure your brand does it first: this will buy you time to experiment, explore and be ahead of your competitors by the time they arrive. Simply think about the money your new brand had to spend in order to gather as many fans as other brands did organically when they joined Facebook ‘back in the old days’.

Try to be creative in order to create curiosity in others: be disruptive, never stop searching, explore this new app or feature as much as you can. Only by doing that you’ll catch someone’s eye. ‘Cause if you really think: sure you’re not talking to everybody, but – hey! – you’re talking to every one of them, one at the time. And this has to make a difference.

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