My theory of chaos
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Working in this business is not all fun and games. You have to deal with several people in your team with different points of view, personalities and timings. When all is set and agreed with your team, you still have to deal with the client. The timings, the pressure, the nights that you can’t sleep thinking about the next big step… The weekends always on, people talking to you via Twitter, Facebook, mail, Skype and even by your personal cellphone. Man, sometimes that can drive you crazy and make you run and hide in a lost bunker in Albania.

Yes, sometimes it seems like you’re riding your ship through the Alaska storms, fishing crab without radio and GPS.

The worst of it all is that, believe it or not, I love it when the sea is rough and the GPS is out. Since I was a kid I always loved the chaos. I like to find patterns on things and I love to do it when everything is spinning around and seemingly senseless.

That’s the time when I feel more useful in fact. I love doing strategies, don’t get me wrong, but more than that I’m addicted to crisis management and all that adrenaline rush when the siren is yelling. These are the days that all my life I’ve been training for and I love to push on through them not even breaking a sweat.

So my theory is that chaos is just something that is in order but you’ve not decifred yet. Don´t let it smash you down, rise up to the occasion and use as many perspectives as you can to try and see the matrix in it. Once you do it there’s nothing that can get you into stress. Embrace the chaos, learn to love it and all that cliche stuff that… Is true.

One day @GreggWeiss gave me a tip on twitter which I wrote down on a post-it glued at my desk: “transform chaos into groundbreaking awesomeness”. It says it all.

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