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Post-modernism. Factory robots. Your new Big Brother disguised as Social Networks. Metro, Retro, Said-So Technossexuals. Enter the “Like-whore” Era.

Some ladies publish an image of their stunning and fleshy legs on Instagram, some detail every hip spot where they go on Foursquare. New fingernail patterns, vintage cinema, kittens and memes. Masses on the cult of individualism… Seems like a paradox? It is and it is true. We feed on likes.

Enter Social Media. This same formula applies to your brands. Some measure their success by the likes on their Facebook page, some are more meticulous and analyze this “People Talking About This (PTAT)” thingamajig indicator. But it varies, as people vary. It isn’t child’s mathematics. Your page likes and your PTAT vary by the nature of the product or service you’re advertising, therefore there is a type of fans that you causally attract independently of your digital efforts; offline campaigns may affect their overall mindset and force an empty like on their digital self or an investment on Ads may capture by obstinacy, one or many. Subjective as a Picasso or a Terry Richardson.

You may have 700.007 fans on your Facebook page, you may try all formats, all emergency measures, all kinds of S.O.S messages to keep them rolling and coming. Fans become anaesthetized, and many do not care. Just as a mother that’s always yelling about cleaning your own room. “Am I bothered?” Nope. Go away.

You could try for a child suffering from leprosy on a solidariety NGO page. People will adhere to the drama – enter the crybabies and the warriors of justice. But is it right? Is it gratuitous on this self-proclaimed like-whore digital age context? Playfulness is a must, to that I agree. So we come to terms with seduction.

Train your ass and your “wiseass’ness”.  Get used to playing with your fans, get ready to get burned. It gets touchy and you may fire up a crisis when you take a misstep but it is the only way of attracting people to your brand. As community managers we are Social Beasts Of Sexiness. We’re the party tigers, ready to stun ’em. Flirt is only one of the many ways of keeping your fans interested. An honest down-to-earth flirt. You want them to want you. Simple as that.

Put your best suit on every morning and get ready to amaze. Community Managers? The next James Bonds. No Bond Girl at the end of night… Or is there?

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