Thank you, Captain Obvious
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There is no other way to say it.

There is no smarter way to say it, no other words that could make it sound better, more interesting, sophisticated, fluent or eloquent. There is no way I’m NOT going to sound like a pseudo-philosophical-yet-obvious-ape by saying it. So I’m just going to do it. I mean, say it.

The world has been taken by Facebook.

Told you I was going be obvious. Sorry for hitting your probably tired eyes with such a heavy piece of empty information. But it had to be done, dear reader.  Now please, before you get too bored (or go back to your FB page, because if you’re reading this, you have been most likely also taken by the F word), allow me to just share (share!) a few thoughts about this theory.

Has anything, in the history of Human kind, reached, changed and engaged so many people worldwide? Like this? This Fast and this Furious?

Ok, managing fire can be very helpful sometimes. God knows I love roast beef. Sure, the invention of the wheel was a great deal for all of us. Coal and the industrial revolution got us to where we are right now. Democracy, the birth control pill, TV, radio, sports and electric guitars. Post-its and umbrellas. These are all very important things, don’t get me wrong.

(OMG, I’m so obvious!)

But I’m now talking about billions of people worldwide, in around 10 years time, gradually but undeniably changing the way they live. Tribes, groups and societies of human specimens giving a new meaning to words such as “like” and “share”; pretty nice words before, pretty nice words today, beautiful abilities given to us by the Universe… Now they’re just at the tip of our fingers, to be used as freely as oxygen. There I to say? Sure. The cornerstones of existence are being rearranged.

I’m talking about friends getting together for their weekly night out and always — I mean, always — talking about posts and comments.

I’m talking about TV, newspapers and magazines worldwide having to talk about it, because if they don’t mention Facebook, they’re going to lose people’s attention.

I’m talking about all brands, from all business areas, having to contemplate one same platform if they want to… exist!

I’m talking about everyone having the chance to be a superhero, or having an alter ego, or looking at themselves without a mirror.

I’m talking about one of our species greatest fear — loneliness — being faced. Facebooked, actually. I’m talking about the fear of loneliness maybe solved because, the way I see it, when you try to solve something, you are already solving it.

Yes, the world is taken, and so is the human soul. And that’s what’s on my mind. Yours too, by the way.

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