Bite the pillow, Iʼm coming in dry.
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Now that I’ve got your attention let me drive you to a journey into the kinky digital world. And when I say digital I mean stuff that you do with your fingers. Clients love those astonishing offline actions that generate buzz and give all brand managers multiple orgasms. We all like orgasms, right? The only problem is the aftermath and the pillow talk, the next day calls, the awkwardness when you sober up… you all know the drill much better than me. Are you going to sleep over and spoon or get dressed up, step on the gas and get back to your crib? This is what comes to my mind when clients ask for “something viral” just because… no idea why, just because “everybody does it” or “a competitor did it”.

What I mean is: how profitable is it for a brand to be dogging around senseless? I can understand caotic planning from a new brand, something that has been launched recently. Not a big deal, kids love getting shitfaced and some making out with strangers. Itʼs the time when you can make all your crazy options and mistakes, so you can avoid it later in your life.

The problem is with well established brands and products. Man up brother, put some sense in your head and keep your dick inside your pants. The last thing that you want is to be fucking around. You got yourself a nice spouse, your best friend, your lover, your… lady. Treat her well and sheʼll be truthful to you. Just because of all your acquaintances are getting a divorce, a red convertible and a silicone bimbo, you don’t have to do the same.

Digital means working with your fingers and working with your fingers means spending some time with the fourplay. You gotta prepare those orgasms, fuck it, you can even give them just digitally (If you donʼt believe just google how many porn sites there are). The more time you spend here, the less time and money youʼll have to spend with diamond rings, fancy dinners and weekends at the mall. Also this will ensure that when you and your Mrs. get down and dirty, both of you will see those fireworks cracking, believe me sheʼll put in an extra-mile.

So… yeah you can go in dry, or you can go in smoothly and both of you will enjoy it. If itʼs just for having a selfish ego boost and you use your community like sheʼs your bitch youʼd be better off sitting alone in the dark watching porn. It saves you time, money and hustle. Show some respect and give her some love, that´s all she needs.

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