Stop focusing on THE problem, Start focusing on THE solution
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Can you, please, stop focusing on the problem and start focusing on the solution?

The culture we try to implement every day at Live Content is to always try to win. But when you can’t, try to understand your mistakes so that you can move on in an attempt to do it better next time. We look for problem solvers, positive thinking, and solution-driven people.

We’ve grown over 100% in 2012 by looking ahead instead of looking back and slowing down.

The future is not written, it is up to us to write it, and it is our responsibility to make it a good story.

4,500 years ago, it took a great many years and up to 100,000 people to raise one Pyramid. Today, a 16 year-old can create an application in two months that reaches 100 million people.

With more resources than ever before, we now have the tools to change the way we live, to challenge our old ways and make every bit of analog life digital.

What are you doing, right now, to take advantage of that?

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