How much time does a good joke last?
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How much time does a good joke last? Probably less than a minute.

There’s a 2003 hip hop album called “Taste the Secret”, by Ugly Ducking.They created a fake fast food brand called Meatshake (website included) that had the same problems as any other fast food brand – animal cruelty, worker exploitation, etc. That’s a good joke, but it lasts more than an hour. The first half of the album is exciting, the second one is boring as hell.

This is the main reason why humour pages are so successful on Facebook & Tumblr. Their jokes don’t last more than 30 seconds to make you laugh (or not). Sorry, but nowadays we don’t have more than those 5 Youtube pre-roll seconds for your brand. So, why the hell are you trying to tell us the story of your whole life?

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