The pigs fight back, the wolf stays fat
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What sells? What works? What sells your work?

1# Do users (slash) consumers want Tabs? Why redirect them to Tabs? It’s as if your granny asked you to get her a cup of tea and you showed her the door and the cupboard and the teabag – but you never bring her the tea. (Un)fortunately it’s one of our many skills as social [brand] mediators: to sell more, to relate to sales, to translate interaction and awareness to sales. Does it add value to our brands or may it add value to our (polly) pockets?

2# Why don’t we retarget our sheep to websites then? Why don’t we play geocaching with them instead? Why don’t we develop new ways of 360º engagement that sells the same concept but adds actual value to their experience and to “their” brand as a whole? Sending our fans to a Facebook Tab must be the same thing as giving them a freebie voucher so they can claim their 0.99€ juice coupon on retail. It’s dull. It screams “out of my home” instead of “come to the living room and relax, piggy”.

3# Why shouldn’t we treat our 5 bladed sword as a whole n’holy swiss army knife, then? Why don’t we publish on Facebook that we’re the best homies in Twitter? Why don’t we use our Pins on Tumblr, why don’t we treat a house as a house, with all its separate rooms, nooks and crannies that actually build a home? The big bad wolf shall not enter.

4# Adding value to our strategies is to think on a longer term, just as the first bricks you lay when Mr. Bob The Builder starts building your house. Social networks are social and should interact as a brand; and Tabs only exist to sell hard handing shiny gifts that attract the unaware (I really don’t know if I’m regarding clients or fans. Who knows?).

And then the big bad wolf asks again: what sells? What works? What sells your work?

This little piggy says: awesome ‘effin strategical thinking and content that treats your brand as something that actually makes sense. Do you throw your knickers on the kitchen, or do you build a bathtub in your living room? Well, you could. And actually, you should!

Be a clean and wise Mr. Nice guy and everybody’ll love you. Be a dirty analytical player and everybody’ll buy from you. Bipolar is good. Be tough, lil’ piggy. Lay your bricks and stun.

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