Drop the ball on ethics
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The common denominator  “troll” has reached an all time low. But of course it is disguised as coolness, because nowadays hating is cool (a.k.a., some subliminal interest disguised as hate). Therefore, trolling is one of the principals of evolution on human society and warfare.

When do work ethics apply to a digital agency’s efforts when colleagues and rivals troll your brands’ profiles and posts?

Is it a means to an end? Are you pitching while you diss your fellow agency’s brands? Diss as hard as you can… This rock shall not be broken, this sword shall not be shattered.

It all comes back to civism and the most down to earth values. Or you are a prick or you are not. On or offline, your raw personality is the big word carved on “digital persona”. No fancy theory or digital psychology to masquerade this one.

If you’re really itching to steal the show and your fellow’s bread and milk, you better pitch like the best ball player there is: “an arm like a damn rocket, a cock like a burmese python, and the mind of a fucking scientist” (Powers, K., 2009). No need for throwing dirt on the ballplayers’ face. Stay cool and rock it on, karma shall never strike you out.

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