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– “There’s nothing better than riding your bike to work… especially when it is always downhill!

– “Riding a bike is like walking around naked at home.”

– “Street or sidewalk, that is the question! Truth: Better get hit by a person than a car!”

– “Just thinking that I will have to climb …”

– “Just thinking about going down Rua do Alecrim in the rain …”

– “Wheel in the air! Let´s go!”

– “Just thinking that it’s 35°C at 10 am and I have to ride to work…

– “Fuck! The bus is coming!”

– “And when it comes to the train, there’s nothing you can do. You can give the slipper or pack up for the next!”

– “Look around the track!”

– “Damn. Now when do I change my gears?”

– “They better not open that car’s door!”

– “&% $ #” #? =!) The taxi driver! ”

Written by Andrés ChavarriaJoão Neves, Liliana Tavares and Sofia Mesquita.

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