My brain <3 this.
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Live Content: the words we use when people ask us what company we work for.

Like & Comment: Liking with our hearts, commenting with our brains. Reason&emotion. Left&right side of the brain… you know the deal.

Alive Content: Riding our bicycles to the office. Laughing while working, fooling around on our chairs, being free to have an opinion about whatever subject. Listening to music. Talking about  music. Not having to wear a suit at work. Having a boss that doesn’t think he is a better person than you. Making up nicknames for your fellow colleagues. No one ever getting offended about stuff people say and, at the same time, people saying whatever they want.

Live Streaming: It’s actually a lot of work. It’s a fucking miracle if you think about it. Our production team rocks.

Live Steaming: That’s right. Because we are always cooking.

We like this.

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