Close Quarter Combat Social Media (Is there another?)
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Social media is the closest channel that brands have to engage with consumers. Close Quarter Combat is the most effective modern approach to conquer and pacify a community.
So what if you try and put two and two together and use it in your favor to build and develop online communities?
I’ll point out some of the most important concepts that we can use in order to conquer a community:

1 – Detailed planning

If you are designing a strategy for a brand’s digital presence, you’ll have to plan it thoroughly. Check out what the enemy is doing and do it better. They have an institutional description in their Facebook page? Beat that. Put your creativity to work and get a kick-ass provocative and humorous statement.

Does the enemy have a nice Twitter? I bet it does, but what about hiding some Easter eggs in the background of yours in a way that only followers with huge screens will see it?

Every detail is important and it´s oriented to a very few, but when you sum up all those small groups you’ll have a community that recognizes the effort that you’ve put in and they´ll appreciate it.

2 – Surprise

People always expect you to follow all the rules and guidelines, all the marketing ‘mumbo-jumbo’ that is written in those shady marketing books about social media, whose writers never had to get their hands dirty working in the real McCoy.

Life is all about surprises. No one likes the conservative guy that will always do the same thing for different brands just because it worked once. You´ll have to risk it. And when I say risk I say put your ass on the line, but do it wisely. Do it for your team: your CM, your designer, your planner and yourself. But don’t do it just to prove a point or just because you’re an egocentric bitch. You´ll get shot right between the eyes.

3 – Methods of entry: dynamic and stealth

Well, this one is easy. In my opinion we should mix these two. In a platform that your enemy has superior firepower (budget and allocated resources) you should lay low and grow in small steps, getting unnoticed by your competition. So when they notice you it’s too late to react.

If you have superior resources, then hit the target with all you got like a superior force of nature: when the enemy gets to see it it’s already too late.

Either way, when in doubt, resort to the first point: detailed planning.

4 – Speed

Move fast as time will always move faster than you. When the platform announces changes you must already have read all about what they are thinking about doing. Cover all possibilities and you’ll never be caught with your pants down.

If the client is picky, design the strategy a couple days before the deadline. Same with reports and new strategies… Do it before it is supposed to and time will run in your favor.

5 – Violence of action

Don´t go halfway. If you’re going to do something there must be no room for hesitation. All your actions must have impact and cause awe and admiration among the enemy soldiers. You don’t just want to win. Just as people say your name, the enemy should run in terror. You want their moral to be low so they can’t fight you back and regain the lost objective ever again.

You go there, you bomb it, you bring the spoils home.

Above all there’s a strategy golden rule that has been passed throughout the years: keep your eyes on the prize. Don’t let it get out of sight for a single second. Be sure to blow those bastards brains out and blow them up in a beautiful fireball.

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