Measuring Metrics, Mr. Grey
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People may try to fool you but usually we define things as good or bad, simply as it is: the good n’frail albino pope versus the bulky hairy satan.

This brings us to the “of course” but “maybe” conundrum and to the third most popular color of the gang: Mr. Grey. Oh yes, the shady Grey that seems to melt housewives’ panties, since grey became the “of course… but maybe we can wish for more than just baking pies. Maybe we can dream of more than just being good girl scouts; maybe we can be devious and argue with the mighty tool which is common sense.” Of course.

And what is this Grey on brands’ social media performance? Well, we usually relate the black to qualitative analysis and the holy white to numbers and square roots. Yes, this makes the pope a mathematician.

We shed happy tears by the justice that tools like Socialbakers, Pagelever (and whichever fall from the forest trees) represent to our work but we never ever understand or agree to the personal nuances that a brand’s tone and taste means. Do we stand by quality (?) without the numbers to support it or by quantitative data as the freebie whore? Answers here: _______________ <wink wink>

Data versus common sense. The grey on metrics molds the two together and brings the “my daddy is stronger than yours” to town. How can you measure quality when the stakes are based on a popularity contest?

The power to judge? Each and every human being has one. As they also have an opinion and an a-hole [I think…]

Image (He fights the Pope):

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