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This is how it works. We get up in the morning, we lie in bed at night. We stand up all day fighting gravity, and then we get tired, rest in a horizontal position until we’re ready to fight again.

Meanwhile/ In the meantime, we do our jobs: what we get paid to do, the best we can. We have all these meetings and we have all these goals and all these limitations. But we’re part of a team that struggles everyday to keep the dreams flying. Brands and fans, account managers, designers, production teams…. constantly fighting gravity.

Brilliant Community Management done everyday. Mathematics and inspiration combined. Mr. Marco Rocha, in my opinion the best SMM in this country, is responsible for an ongoing piece of art and Originality.

Then this idea: “send us a group hug photo and, if people like it a lot, all of those on the photo will win a free snowtrip”. These guys sent this photo.

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