No, Microwaves Do Not Leave a Residue!
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I’m a home appliance repair technician and I do a lot of driving to remote homes shadow fight 2 hack.

I got this call one day to a rural location. The home was a very nice well kept single level ranch style home, nestled in the trees, beside a small creek. The call was what is known of as a doubleheader, because there was problem call on the over the range microwave, and a checkup call on the dishwasher.

The complaint on the microwave was, that it was leaving strange flakes on the food being heated and some kind of film all over the inside of the oven.

Now, a microwave produces no physical evidence, other than if it shorts out and arcs the magnetron and that would be an electrical smell and smoke. If that happens, depending on the arc, it’s pretty much toast and quits working altogether. But this wasn’t the case here.

When speaking with the owner and looking at the evidence they produced, it appeared that there was indeed what appeared to be some kind of insulator material being blown into the cavity from some unknown location. The particles were around an eighth inch in diameter, very thin and nearly transparent. A film was coating the inside of the oven cavity and there was a distinctive aroma of cooked fish. I didn’t think much of the smell due to the possibility that they may have been rewarming fish in it recently.

This was not going to be fun! The oven would have to be taken down from its over the range hanging spot, and the covers would have to be removed to inspect the interior for anything that may have been causing it. That’s where the mystery really got thick. There is no possible location that could permit this material to get inside the cavity once the door was closed!

So knowing the work ahead of me and the time involved in just such an endeavor, I decided to check over the dishwasher first and then proceed with the arduous task ahead of me moviestarplanet hack.

As I had my head stuck inside the dishwasher, I hear the microwave door open. So I turn to see why. There standing on a chair, is a five year old boy with a six inch fish still wiggling in his hands. He commences to plop it onto the turntable, close the door, press 5,0,0 on the control and hit the start button.

In total surprise, I figure I’ll just watch this little show and see what happens next. The boy goes to the cupboard and retrieves a plate and a fork, then climbs back up the chair and waits patiently. Just before the timer dings, I hear a loud “POP!” and he quickly reaches up, opens the door, takes the plate and fork and slides the now “cooked” fish onto the plate.

He innocently looks at me and smiles, “when it pops, it’s done!”

“Ooookaaaay… ” I say. Thanks for the insight kid, you just restored my faith in microwaves!

Boy… talk about fresh fish… and won’t mom be surprised? Mystery solved covet fashion cheats

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