Football 0.2 – A loss
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In recent years, football has changed a lot. Inside and outside the pitch. This post is about the outside changes. It’s about the Internet circus that is surrounding football since 200? and had its highlight in the recent Brazilian World Cup. As Duke Ellington said about music, there are only two types of coverage: the good coverage and the bad coverage.

The good coverage: yeah, today we can watch that awesome goal only a few seconds after the ball touches the back of the net. And yes, you may watch that fair play crying moment with David Luiz/Dani Alves/James, sure. And that defining banana moment.

The bad coverage: oh hell, you have to read all those wild post-match discussions. “That first goal was offside!”, “The second one was preceded by foul!”, “Shut up, you know nothing about football!”, “Screw you, you’re ugly!”, “Your mamma!”. All together now: “You’re a fucking Nazi!!!!”. Yeah, these post-match discussions can make you lower your football passion.

Final result: a loss. During the post-match, I run away from Facebook. Shame on you, Internet.


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