This Real Time Marketing has no spirit.
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What is wrong with this new-age digital culture which everything is A-OK? You can f*ck, steal and mock just because you’re sat on a chair hidden away with your pants down – “oh you’re so smart, aren’t you?”

What is privacy, what is common sense, what is made of equality and liberty? It’s all sugar and cream to have and proclaim your own values but why are you the first apostle to throw that heavy stone?

Well, as if it wasn’t good enough, the recent surge of Hollywood’s feminine and revealing photos came to brands. Let’s make it playful and sell ourselves some media attention for the sake of real time marketing and ROI.

Look at this one, from Spirit Airlines, which seem to think that “making light of the crime for promotional purposes is totally rational and logical” (

Yep, “we feel naked”, but we don’t really understand why. Not entering those mighty doors of the rightful uses of The Cloud – it is just one example in between many -, I would sum it up in the following manner. Thanks Julia [Collins]. (see below)

If not for privacy let’s think about trust and how easily it is given and taken away – specially with your favorite products, services and institutions. Now please, let us all be dirty (declare it, at least) and be thankful for democracy whenever it is savory for us all – ‘cause “Yes we can!” Whenever you get pushed to dirt and no cop or friend is there to help you, try Facebook, try distrust, try giving away [once more] your state of mind and give it away freely to your social network of choice. You shall have many likes and fellow patronizing to print and hang up on your living room’s wall of glories and achievements. We are all good people, yes we are. Thanks technology! I shall never feel ashamed of myself ever

again, I have legitimacy.

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