people ain’t stupid
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Now that some time has passed, we can finally agree on one thing:

Tidal is the perfect example that people ain’t stupid.

Being rich and famous and having a bunch of rich and famous friends isn’t enough. At least these days.

Tidal was the perfect opportunity for the rich and famous to stand up for the not so rich and famous.

I like to call that empathy. The smart kind.

And people like that. Both in other people and brands.

After all, Tidal for all.

Is it?

It’s like if someone rich and famous told me: “We are now competing with Ferrari and you can have your own Ferrari, too; the one we created for you! And this time, you can afford the gas!”

No, I won’t.

Furthermore, we don’t want high fidelity music. Unless you’re a producer, no one cares about it.

That’s not why we bought walkmans or discmans or mp3 players, in the first place.

We don’t want curated content. We have Facebook and Instagram and Twitter, now, you know?

I can follow Rihanna and her curated content is fine with me.

You’re an artist. Just pay them more.

People ain’t stupid.

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