Frederico Mota
Panic Safeguard • Product Development Manager
Completely in love with the Digital World, Frederico started his career at the age of 22 in a major media group in Portugal (Media Capital), being responsible for the development process of the New Media department. His enthusiasm and his desire to learn more took him to accept a challenge to move to UK, where he began his international career having the opportunity to work at Stream UK with clients such as BBC, IOL, Disney and Yahoo, becoming a work-flow expertise in AV Digital Systems (Production, Editing, Encoding, Transcoding and Broadcasting). During the stay in UK, and always seeking to develop his knowledge, he studied Multimedia Technology & Design at Brunel University. Combining technical and management skills, he was invited to move to Spain, leading the opening of a new Stream office. Frederico is now Product Development Manager at Live Content, the market-leading media agency in Portugal, where the Digital Revolution happens.
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